As of November 2020, my masks are constructed from 4-6 layers with no need for disposable filter*.

  • 100% Cotton outer piece treated with waterproofing,
  • Non-woven interfacing,
  • Cotton or polyester batting,
  • Non-woven interfacing, and
  • Inner layer of soft cotton or cotton blend


With adjustable ear straps made from stretch fabric, for your optimal fit, and a metal nose piece to ensure form fit.


*If you prefer a standard filter mask, just let me know.

  • Care and More

    Hand wash your mask in 30 degree water, removing the metal nose bridge and filter insert. Machine or line dry. Iron after wash.


    PM2.5 filters are now widely available on eBay and Amazon at a low cost. Or use the one I've supplied as a pattern for your own replacement, using Shop Towels, Baby wipe, HEPA hoover filter bag. 


    For added protection, especially on crowded trains, I recommend wearing this mask over a disposable surgeon's mask, or KN95 mask. It's hot and stuffy, but it's worth the added protection.

    Remember not to touch your face when wearing.