3-D Breathe Easier

3-D Breathe Easier

This washable silicone insert is designed for those of you who get claustrophobic in a mask which touches your face when breathing. This can occur when exercising, when harder breaths suck in a mask, for instance.


This product is designed to insert into a standard surgeon's mask on one of the pleats. On other mask styles adjust it yourself into your mask, or place over your face before attaching mask, or tack it into your favourite mask with a couple stitches. 


Wash in hot water. If you've sewn yours into a mask, wash both the mask and insert as a whole piece.


Note: Prolonged wear may leave temporary indentations on your face.

  • Update

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    Brackets may impact the seal on masks. Because of this issue, I won't advise ordering one unless you plan on using it inside a surgical mask, or inside one of my roomier masks, such as The Cone, which will accomodate the shape without impacting its seal.