New Blog, New news

So I decided I'd add a blog to the site. In it, I'll share guidance and relevant up to date and verified-by-science links about masks, and updates about the store.

So here's some of my prints line drying after applying waterproofing: Black & White poly cotton small check gingham, cotton poplin piggies, Avengers pop art print (most impactful for the Cone shape), and more of the ever-popular classic Avengers print.

If you've got cotton masks at home, this product is excellent for adding that extra element of protection, which is now advised for the outer shell of handmade masks. It's not a bad idea to add this to your laundry room, as eventually the coating wears off after hot washes.

I'm adding 2 other new prints you'll see soon.

I have stunning plans for the cranes, so watch this space!

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