Improving RedBubble Masks

My dear friend, an illustrator from New York, sells her lovely designs on Her illustrations are impactful, clever, eccentric and political, all of my favourite things!

Recently I purchased a mask for myself, just to see how they're constructed. This is the gorgeous design:

The masks are lovely to look at, constructed from a non-woven synthetic, which the WHO and CDC suggest for an outer layer (note: the RedBubble fabric is not waterproof). However, they're 2 layers, neither of which contains a filter, interfacing, or cotton batting. Mine was very comfortable to wear, too. Think of these as make up for your other mask, and you won't go wrong.

There are ways to improve this mask so it will protect you, which I've illustrated in my first video:

Primarily I recommend that you layer this on top of other masks: an N95 or KN95 mask; a dust protector cone mask, sandwiching a filter in between the 2 masks; or a disposable surgeon's mask which I didn't have on hand during the video.

In addition to these recommendations, you might consider stitching in a filter pocket and adding a channel for a nose bridge wire, which would be a nice fix, maintaining the mask's lightness and shape.

Bottom line: If a mask catches your eye and you have the patience to enhance it, buy it! Any mask can improve itself with the right tools and patience. Stand out with something unique, but most important of all: WEAR IT.

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