Reusable Masks for the Park Street Community

I'm pretty obsessed about wearing masks during this pandemic, and I'm equally obsessed about preventing litter from disposable masks. Which is why I've started offering mine for sale, so you'll never be without!


Why Masks?

Masks are now required on all forms of public transport and in many stores. Wearing a mask protects others who may be immuno-compromised, when you may not even display symptoms of Covid-19. 

Wearing a mask can prevent harmful droplets from reaching you, although a handmade mask won't prevent infection 100%. Always obey social distancing when possible, wearing a mask whenever you're around people. The World Health Organisation says only medically certified PPE for medical professionals offers full protection. 

I'm one of those people with a pre-existing condition which makes it really dangerous for me during this pandemic, so masks are vital for my well-being, and it's vital that others wear them. I've researched and experimented with different reusable masks, the masks I sell are the result of trial and error. They're inexpensive so you have them at hand. I recommend stocking up on handmade masks, but also surgical masks, which are now available, so you are never caught without.


71 Park Street Lane
Park Street
St Albans AL2 2JA

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